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Email set-top Internet access

The Staff at wants to thank you for making us #1:

The staff wanted to give you something back!

Now, you can exchange Email with your family and friends, surf the Internet and shop at home, all from the convenience of your easy chair. Our new Enhanced TV/Web set-top box allows you to use your home TV to get connected and join the growing community of people who are online. You'll be able to effortlessly switch between the Internet and your favorite TV channels. With the click of a button on your remote control or the wireless keyboard, the sky is the limit!

Send us two friends' e-mail addresses, we will enter you to win a set top box which allows you to access the internet from your TV. No kidding, you don't need a personal computer to surf the web! We will send an invitation to your friends to become a regular member of our community. That way other seniors will have access to the same resource and information as you!

Thanks again for making us the # 1 web resource for seniors!

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